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It all started over ten years ago whilst travelling through the wondrous natural landscape that is Far North Queensland.


To be immersed in the intoxicating native flora.


After many years of researching these rare Australian ingredients and product development, we have proudly launched our uniquely Australian Native skincare and wellness range in 2020 which focuses predominantly on Australian botanical ingredients with effective skincare benefits which are suitable for all skin types.



With an artisanal approach, COVE crafts all its products by hand in Far North Queensland using premium botanical extracts blended with care and intention, to deliver beautiful skin.

We use cold process botanicals oils to formulate our products, to preserve the nutrients and enzymes, and ensure the maximum nutritional content of our treatments.

The clays used in our masks and cleansers are exactly as nature intended. Extracted from organic grounds in the South of France and Australia, they are carefully sun-dried to preserve the clay's mineral and vibrational qualities.



Our violet glass packaging protects our formulations by filtering out harmful rays of light. 

Biphotonic glass assists with maintaining product efficacy and protects the formulations over an extended period.

It is the most optimal form of naturally preserving packaging currently available.



We have a small-batch approach to beauty; each product is lovingly crafted on our own premises and each batch is a one off production. There is no compromise on the ingredients; we guarantee what goes in and importantly what stays out.

No two batches are identical because each natural ingredient differs on a molecular level depending on the harvest; the soil, the climatic conditions, the air quality, all have an effect. The differences are to be celebrated.

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